Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seoul Olympic Park

It was in 1988 when Seoul, Korea hosted the Summer Olympics. We live pretty close to these Olympic grounds. Back in 1996 while I was stationed in Tokyo, Japan and Steve was stationed at Osan AB, Korea we planned a trip here to Seoul and came to this stadium then it was a little extra neat for Steve and I. This time around we had our kids with us.

Now who could that be whipping around that track at the Olympic Stadium.... :-) Look at them go!!!!

Go Ben go!

This is inside the Exhibition Hall.

After the Olympic Stadium we were hot, tired, thirsty and hungry. So on our way home we stopped by the food court in the COEX Mall. MMM...Korean chicken on a stick.

Here in Seoul, we can get around on the train/subway really well. But above ground public transportation is another story.... I am getting there. We rode the blue 730 bus all the way over the river to the Olympic Stadium and the COEX.

I prefer the bus over the train because you can see everything! Seoul is so pretty. The streets are lined with trees and they are boasting their Korean pride...look at the flag lined streets...I LOVE that.

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Betty said...

how nice that MAdi & Ben got to run inside of the Stadium we defenity need to visit there before we live.
YOu are right about the subway, you don't get to see anything. I rode a bus the other day and I was very please with A/C and it wasn't crowed.