Monday, July 25, 2011

My Neighbors...

...are the best neighbors in the world. I wish I could pack them up and take them to California. Today Oxana, my Russian neighbor had Liz and I over for a Russian lunch. Oxana is the best cook and I always love her Russian food. She is my first Russian friend and I am her first American friend. During the school year all of us moms meet at the bus stop with our kids. After kissing the kiddos good-bye we walk together to one of our homes for a visit and morning's so fun! This picture is from today's lunch.

Last week Oxana had us over too. She served the kids a German Kinder fruit tea.

With tea, she served these sweet Russian waffle cookies. I want to learn to make these. They are so good and look how beautiful.

Today we had a few Russian salads. Look at the chicken salad that looked like a sunflower.

The Epyonghansaesong gang. Boy am I going to miss these ladies...they are the best neighbors a girl could ask for!!!!!

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