Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm liking bikes...

I have started to's hard to breath! My packers come in less than two weeks to take all my things. It will most likely take 2 1/2 months for my things to go from Seoul, Korea to Sacramento, California. So I have been hanging out in my craft room alot!!! I have gotten together a few projects I can work on by hand during my move so I really don't go nuts. But boy am I going to miss all my sewing and crafting things while they sail the ocean blue! The other day I made these bike cards.

And check out this cute bike necklace I got at Dongdaemun for $4. I have mentioned before I love Chanel so I also picked up these diamond Chanel earrings for $9. I am going to miss this Korean shopping.

Now Chanel may be my favorite name brand but this Louis Vuitton is my everyday purse. That chocolate brown and letters...I love it.

Last night we went over to the I'Park mall for dinner and ate Jim Dak...MMMM

Jim Dak action shot. :-)

I started cross-stitching trees for a Christmas project. Christmas in July.

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Betty said...

wow! you impress me so much. I am in love with your bike card as well the one that you made with the silent rank. So beautiful!!!
Oh Jeni, I will miss you a lot!