Thursday, July 28, 2011

My beautiful Korean home

lHere is a video of my beautiful Korean home. I have enjoyed it very much. We are now at the Dragon Hill. The packers came on Wed. OMGosh!!! We are flooded here in Seoul right now. Another record was set while we have lived in the last 3 days it has rained so much, the most in 100 much as they would normally get in one month of rainy season. And this is after it has already been raining for the last month. The Han River has swallowed the roads. My packers were suppose to be there at 0800 but didn't come until 1400 because all the roads were flooded. But, we finished all the packing and finally made it into the Dragon. Before I moved here I was nervous about what the housing might be like...if you are moving to Seoul, Korea housing is not the thing to worry about. This has been the nicest, 5 star housing I have ever lived in. I am going to miss living like the rich and famous!


Susie said...

This is fantastic- what great place! I was going to ask if you miss having a yard- but it looks like you all were poked up outdoors, too :) Nice!

Susie said...

*hooked up!

Every Day Gourmet said...

You have made me want to move there! I am excited to see your next house!