Friday, July 22, 2011

My Farewell

Tonight is Steve's going away party. Mine was the other night. What a wonderful night it was. I love these ladies. It has been such a pleasure being one of the 607th Weather Wives! We stick together are a strong group of ladies. Seoul, Korea is AMAZING. It's been the most fun assignment we have had. But, we are here for a serious reason... We are members of the most forward deployed Air Force Squadron there is. We live 35 miles from the most heavily gaurded border in the world. And face the largest artillery in the world. Not only all that but this past year has been one for the record books too. We had the coldest temps in 90 years this past year. We had the worst typhoon hit here in 2 decades. We had a new record set with 20 inches of rain in like a few hours...we had a HUGE flood. And back in November that scare where North Korea actually shot missles into South Korea for the first time since the active war. So we are taking so many memories with us. I have loved every minute.

Okay so my going away. It was at my favorite Italian place here. Who would have thought I would move to Korea and eat the best Italian food of my life. The other wives gave me some gifts and also gave me the most beautiful traditional Korean tea their famous green pottery too. I am so thankful for the treasure.

Luckily, I bet I run into some of these great friends again. It's a small world.

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Every Day Gourmet said...

I love the tea set! What great friends you made.