Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Samsung Hospital

Today went soooo well! Today was Madi's first time seeing an Endocrinologist here in Korea. Dr. Tan is good and was very sweet towards Madi. Samsung is a beautiful facility...I had been so nervous about how Madi's care was going to be in Korea. Heck, Samsung just might be nicer than the place we had in Atlanta.

So the best news is Madi's latest A1C is 7.6!!! YEAH!!!! Steve and I and the nurses at Seoul American Elementary School work very hard to keep Madi's blood sugars in range. All day long Madi is in my head. She gets up and we check her blood sugar then depending on how many carbs she eats for breakfast she gets an insulin shot around 0700. So by 0800 or 0830 I am always wondering is she may be low or high. Is she going out side to play and then is that going to make her go low. Every morning at 0930 I think it's snack time at school. I gave her a 7 carb snack...will that hold her over until lunch? I am always listening for my phone incase one of the nurses are trying to reach me. They do call each day after Madi eats lunch so we can agree on an insulin dose. The Novolog she takes works roughly for 2 hours, so by 1:45 until 2:15 when she gets her blood sugar checked again at the nurses office and they call me, I constantly play a guessing game in my head what I think and hope her blood sugar is. When we were planning our move here someone asked me if I was scared to fly on an airplane with Madi. I had not thought about that...so of course then I was until Steve told me how rediculous that was. That plane ride here was over 14 hours with no place to land if Madi did have a problem...but we never have daily problems and we always plan...we always have food and glucose on us. So after writing all this I am so happy and proud to have gotten to this point with such great results! It feels good to have the Dr. tell us we don't need anything from her...Madi's Diabetes is very well controled. Thank you to all those who helped us get here too!


Betty said...

Oh Jenny! I am glad to hear this news!!! YOu are a great Mom and MAddi is so lucky to have you.

Our Complete Family said...

FANTASTIC news! That is the best early Halloween present you guys could have asked for! Congrats to you and 'your team' for doing so well keeping Miss Madi healthy and happy!
xo L

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

I know that all must be such a relief for you.. glad to hear. Madi is such a trooper;)

Blueberry Heart said...

thats splendid news! So pleased for you all!
Jeni, if you'd like one of the Cross Sticher magazines sent to you, please let me know (I have a direct email link on my side bar)
I SO laughed when reading the comments you left for me!! mainly wondering what sort of accent you think of me with! The only famous person to come from nearby me who I think you'll know is Sting - so think of his accent and you're nearly there!!!

Happy Halloween wishes to you all

BH x