Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Fluff

It is a beautiful fall day here in Korea. All our leaves are changing. This morning started off so good. I went to the gym with my neighbor Liz. I got to talk to my mom for an hour. Tried to call my sister.
We are skipping all activities tonight to stay home and enjoy some family time and we are having Beef Stew for dinner. My kids have sports every night...but not tonight :-) Tonight is Bunco with the Weather Wives!!! Our commissary got canned pumpkin in stock...THANK YOU! So I just finished making pumpkin fluff to take. All it is is canned pumpkin, cool whip and pudding here to see the exact recipe. I thought it would be fun to serve it out of a white pumpkin along with some ginger snaps. I LOVE Autumn!!!!!!

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Our Complete Family said...

I want to play Bunko with you! What a treat the Weather Wives Group is going to have Jeni! Yummo!!!