Thursday, October 21, 2010

Caramels 2010

Making caramels every harvest is one of my favorite traditions. click here for my Grandma Kiehl's famous caramel recipe I posted a few years ago.

My printer is still not hooked up since our move so I had to come up with a tag idea without using my was hard. But then I remembered my friend amber made tags using fabric on them a few year ago...great idea. I handed out these treats to all the Weather Wives in Steve's Squadron the other night. I have more for some of our other favorite people around the base.

2010 Halloween cards. These were very enjoyable to make.

I also just made Ben and Madi new trick or treating bags. I got my ideas from moda bake shop and cluckclucksew. Look at these super cute bags being made.

I know a lot of people are working on their Christmas cards so I am following their lead. I know of a girl out their who once had all hers made by Halloween. I don't know if I will be done by Halloween but if not hopefully soon after...see I have 30 done...stacked on my shelf. for PT early this morning had a really long run with his Squadron...all the way to the Hyatt...see that building way out there on the top of the hill. YIKES!

Yesterday I stopped in the base library. They have tons and tons of DVD's to check out. I brought home season 1 of "CHIPS". My kids love it...I did as a kid and still do. It's so funny hearing the theme song and remembering the episodes.


Amber M. said...

CUTE tags! What a great idea to use themed fabric...

I just finished all my Christmas cards, but have yet to sign the inside or address envelopes. Crazy women, we are.

the dahle family said...

Amazing as always! I haven't even thought of Christmas cards yet and here you have them almost completed by hand! Love your trick or treat bags!

Our Complete Family said...

What a fun update to read Jeni!
We all LOVE the Halloween card you sent. As always, it has a special place to sit out as a decoration so I can smile when I see it several times a day! You are Miss Talent I tell ya! :)
Remember that year in Germany we had so much fun making Cmas cards while our little-uns played? Good times!
My mouth is watering for caramels. YUMMO!!!
Happy Fall to you and yours. xo

Blueberry Heart said...

Good luck with the Christmas cards - yet tom even think about beginning mine!
Love the bags too - such lovely seasonal colours
Have a lovely weekend
BH x

Everyday Gourmet said...

I loved your card and am making your caramels tomorrow! Miss you friend.

Susie said...

Jeni, you make me want to run home and bake! Sew! craft! I love all your creations and seeing what you're up to!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

I am so glad to see this post. I do my Christmas cards in Oct too-- and some thing I am odd. Hey, the less we can do in December, the better. :) Also shop some for me at Louis!!! :)
Have a wonderful weekens.