Saturday, October 9, 2010

Madi won 1st Place... the hula hoop contest at the Fall Festival on Post today!!! Go Madi Go Madi Go Madi...

She won a totally cool picture printer worth at least $100.

I took a picture of the Seoul Tower while we were driving on Post today.

Another picture I took out the front window of the car...Korea is so pretty...look at those mountains.

We all enjoyed the festival, they had TONS of fun stuff.

What's up with our kids stanz?

The day ended with a BANG!!!! For real. First there were fireworks to the left of our place, then there is a huge loud concert going on across the way and then these fireworks on Post...we could clearly see them from our house! Ben was making a movie of them with his ipod.

This was a bigger show than the 4th of July....we can't wait to see what New Year's will be like here in the heart of Seoul.


Our Complete Family said...

Way to go Miss Madi! You should post Ben's video of the fireworks... I bet it would be neat to see! :)

Betsy said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast! Your children will be so well rounded from all of these experiences.

I love seeing all of your crafts and home baked goods! They are perfectly perfect!

Betty said...

you have an atleic at home, she is a good runner and now a big winner, COngratulations Madi!!!! We went early morning and then later evening for the fire works.