Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baseball in Korea

Looks like a Braves game doesn't it? But it was SO MUCH LOUDER!!! It was here in Seoul. LG Twins vs. Samsung Lions. It was just as rowdy if not more than say a Georgia vs. Florida or Ohio State vs. Michigan college football game. It was the playoffs so it was pretty packed full in the stadium.

It was such a beautiful night. We went with the Baldingner family and another Air Force Weather guy came of Steve's friends from a previous base.
The fans were amazing...a show in themselves. They would sing and sing and sing...something to the tune of ABBA'S Dancing Queen and Puff The Magic Dragon. Lots and lots of chanting too by everyone in the stands...the entire 12 inning game.

They even had the cheerleaders and drums.

No thank you...nothing for me from the snack stand...dried squid and octopus...ewwwwww!

I didn't get any good family pictures at the game. We had really close seats behind 3rd base. See my Steve, Betty's Steve, Munier, Ben and Delany...Madi must be next to Ben...Betty and I had been up snapping picutres of the night out.

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