Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On the eve of Typhoon Kompasu...

...the 607th Weather Squadron wives were out on the town. Our husbands all got off work late due to the weather we have coming but we still made it. It was so fun and YUMMO!!! Some came for dinner and then others trickled in when we met for coffee and deserts after dinner at another place. Yes a typhoon is's like a hurricane. We are expecting 75mph winds starting in the morning. So I am about to go through a typhoon in my high rise least we won't flood since we live on the
17th floor.

Typhoon Kompasu is already causing school, everything I mean EVERYTHING is closed tomorrow. Sure hope we don't loose power or that cable tv. I chatted with my old neighbor Kelly from Wiesbaden, Germany who is at Camp Casey, Korea and they are all closed down tomorrow too.

Check out the playground here at Seoul American Elementary School...I can't get my kids to leave. After 1400(2pm) anyone can play on I have a feeling we will be staying after school to play most days.


Jen said...

Awwww great photos! I have TWO friends in this photo. :) SO neat that you and Betty are there together. That playground is awesome! Hope the kids have a great school year there!

Rambling Girl said...

Fun, fun out to eat with friends!

IS the school on the base and for base children? Just wondered...I love learning about other cultures...I have a good friend I met online from Japan and his family and mine have been friends for many years!

What a cool playground...I wouldn't want to leave either!

Stay safe during your storm...we have Hurricane Earl coming towards the Outer banks this weekend.

Hope I haven't offended you any with my other comments.

Our Complete Family said...

Hurricane on the East coast, too. Some crazy weather right now around the globe, that's for sure! Stay safe on your side chicadee.
Oooh, that playground just screams F.U.N.... Wowza!
I'm so glad the women took you out so soon so you could get to meet them and visit. That is fantastic and will make the assignment even better.

alyssa schafsnitz said...

hi you probylay dont know me but i used to go to seas when i was in kindergarden through 2nd grade and i was wondering if mrs.shin still worked there.if you know please send me an email at thank you!
(i was at seas in 2005-2008)