Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BBQ, cookies and ANOTHER flood!

The other day we went to a BBQ up at Steve's work. Steve is in the 607th Weather Squadron. There is also a Korean Army Weather Squadron...the 736th.

The 607th WS invited the 736th to a BBQ. The squadron supplied all the meat and then all of us wives brought the sides and desserts.

After we ate the kids and some of the crazy fun adults started playing hide and go seek. I had not laughed so hard since I don't know when? My kids had a blast!

Here are Madi and her friend Delany. Their dads are both Weather Forcasters and her mom Betty I met through blogging last year and now we are all in Korea...neat huh?

There is Madi....

Now you see her...

And now you don't. She is hauling butt around the building...trying to not get tagged in that game they were playing. But poor Madi had Veronica chasing her. She is one of the faster runners in the Squadron.

I took No Bake cookies to the BBQ and had a few people ask me for my recipe:

2 cups sugar
1/2 cup butter
3 TBSP cocoa
1/4 tspsalt 1/2 cup milk

Boil 1 minute, remove from heat.

3 cups oats
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla

drop quickly by spoon onto wax paper and let cool

I have now been in Korea for 1 month. Today was our 3rd flood. These pics are taking from our 17th floor. Steve could not drive home from work. He walked....all gates to the base were shut down...the only way in or out was to walk. The base flooded really really bad. We got home from school just as all this started to begin...thank goodness.

This is the road we live on. I was mainly flooded right in front of our buildings. Right where all those cars are stopped...if you turn left there you will be at one of the gates to the base...only like a 5 min. walk from our house. The flood waters by us are gone...it only lasted about 1 1/2 hours....plus we are on the 17th floor...we really can't flood.


Everyday Gourmet said...

Crazy weather! I love those no bake cookies. I haven't had them in forever. Glad you are meeting so many great new friedns.

Anonymous said...

I love those cookies. They used to be one of my favorites. I have not made them in over 20 years. That's funny I was dreaming about them last week and thought of looking for my recipe. I don't remember the peanut butter in them. I will copy your recipe and look for mine. I must also make some. Yum Yum! ON

Our Complete Family said...

Oh the no bakes are scarfed down in no time flat in my house, too! Our recipe is just about the same!
The flooding is wild. What a sight to see from your apartment. Do you have a balcony to go out on and see?
The squadron picnics and gatherings are fun times and I'm so glad Steve's bosses had one so soon after you arrived so you could jump right in and meet folks. That rocks!

Betty said...

Jenny, thank you so much for the recipe, they were yummy! I am so glad that our kids had fun playing together. Can't wait to do it again.