Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everyday sights here in Korea

Yesterday I walked down on level 2. The 2nd floor of our complex has stores, places to eat, a chocolatier, dry cleaners....and a kids park. There is always a wonderful breeze down on that 2nd level. Anyway someone was drying these peppers and they were so pretty...that bright red just caught my eye.

The peppers belong to these girls, their mom. These little girls just love us. You want to know how to win over a sweet Korean girls heart...share a sleeve of Ritz crackers. :-)

Look they have barbies and were asking Madi to play. One day she took her Poly Pocket stuff out there and they had so much fun. I think it's neat.

Here is our tower...102.

After school since it was so nice out we went to Family Mart for snack and to sit outside for a bit.

My kids get a kick out of all the different Korean ice cream treats.

Also on the 2nd level there is this beautiful small bamboo garden. This whole area on the 2nd level is for all 4 towers to share and have a nice place outdoors. Ben and Madi have American and Korean friends they play at the park with, ride their bikes and scooters and play many soccer games with.

Looking up you can see all 4 towers of the Megatrium.

No house keys here...just a keypad.

I will not make these for dinner. But they are neat to see at our nearby store.

I went to wake Madi up for school...look at this. Living in Korea is unique. See those trees out the window...that is the base.

Ben started football practice last night. He is the kid in the middle making his way down the field.


Ross and Jill's Blog said...

Love to see these posts, Jeni. So interesting to see the mix of cultures. And how fun to live in that place for a while!

Anonymous said...

Looks Great! What a wonderful experience. Wish I could have done it. Have fun. ON

Our Complete Family said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying every day there! Fantastic news! The pics are neat to see since Korea is a spot I've never been growing up as a dependent and being one now. Fun for B and M!
And the view from Miss M's room is super neat! The low trees are the base? Is it just a few blocks? Cool! And that looks like a good ole' FMO bed! I remember those from overseas!!! ;)
Happy almost the weekend to you... L