Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well that typhoon has come and was very windy but nothing here in our tower went out. But the base got really torn up. Trees down every where. There was no school on Friday power on the South Post. As of today there are still people without utilities. No injuries from what I have heard though on base.

We went to the COEX MAll...WOW

They had the neatest and prettiest things to eat. I think these fish cookies are beautiful.

I think the molds they made them in are even more beautiful.

They every kind of dried fish you could think of...yuck.

Aren't these the sweetest little piggies?

Madi's cream.

Fun little cheesecakes.

Look at these cream filled waffles...I had a waffle desert the other night when I was out with the 607th WS wives.

We are NOT ever eating watermelon while living in Korea....$41!!!!! What the heck?

My maiden name is Kiehl so I had to get a picture.

Prada? This mall was unbelievably nice.

It pretty much was like an upscale mall in the USA.

It wasn't Pottery Barn by name but was just as nice on the inside.

The COEX mall is far from the base and I never expected to see someone I knew there. We were walking along and all of a sudden a women jumped up waving her arms saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh...Jen" It was Aloiza...she and her family lived next to us at Rhein Main AB, Germany. Can you believe that. Her husband just retired from the Air Force and took a job here at Yongsan. We haven't seen them in over 6 years. She makes the BEST lumpia. I am not moving again until I learn to make them from her!

This is a our favorite place to is just down the street from our apartment. We are just enjoying this Korean food!

We are still without our household goods. Here is a picture of ALL my fall decorations...I picked up the candle today at the PX. I made the stitchery yesterday. I do have my sewing machine but the only fabric I have are just a few fat quarters...enough to make this months crow stitchery...that I traced before leaving Georgia...thank goodness my neighbor upstairs let me borrow her iron to use for it too yesterday.

Yes we are going into our 3rd week here and this is how my house looks. We have wonderful neighbors on the 25th floor who loaned us their lawn furniture to use in our living room. We are on a waiting list to get more Army furniture but they are running low. I want my stuff so's taking like a month longer than they said it would. So see my fall decor by the TV...hey I gotta do the best I can under these circumstances.


My Vintage Studio said...

I cam across your blog this morning...yes very early and could not sleep.

I wanted to wish you the best of luck with your toru in Korea. My husband retired from the AF after 23 years. He now works at St Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

The mall looks like a great place to shop!

autumnesf said...

Also a new reader. Another Air Force wife...currently living in Ohio even. LOL.

I'm jealous as I did not get to go to Korea with my husband.

Thanks for sharing your family adventures!

Betty said...

Oh Jenny! I know what you mean, we live with The ARMY furnitures for more than a month luckly for us when we got here it wasn't any waiting list so we have everything. HOpe your staff get here sooner, see you tomorrow!