Friday, September 24, 2010


This is the week of Chusok...Korean Thanksgiving. The other night of that flood was the night before the Chusok holiday...can you imagine that weather the night before our Thanksgiving...all the people out needing to pick up their food for the next day. Everything was closed Wed. including the base so everyone could celebrate Chusok. Since everyone was home with their families it was the one day this year we could really get out and drive. Traffic here is like the 75/85 connector in Atlanta at it's worse but 24/7.

So we spent the day together as a family and drove up the mountain (the one Steve and the Air Force guys run up for PT) to the Seoul Tower. What a view!!!

If you blow up this pic you can see our house or towers. They are at 10 to 11 o'clock when you are looking at this picture. They are yellow with a few gray stipes going horizontal.

In this picture all lot of the tree you see are the base. See the red brick's the Dragon Hill...the hotel on base. My house you can't see here but it would be at 3 o'clock

We participated in the traditional Korean games they had out.

Some guy helped Ben to a spinning top.

Tuesday Ben had a Chusok feast. Today was Madi's. We are stationed at an Army base so I always tell Ben and Madi they are extra special because they are Air Force kids going to an Army school....Germany they were Air Force at an Army school to. But in this picture...Madi's class has all these little Air Force girls and two of them have dads that work with Steve. So the Air Force sure stick together.

We came home today and had the best view out our living room was so clear. And look at the Army helicopter taking off from base.
Also today we watched the Korean version of the Thunderbirds...very cool and all the kids were jumping and screaming. They were flying overhead at the end of the school day.

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Anonymous said...

I love learning about and seeing Korean through your Blog. So interesting! Enjoy and Happy Chusok! Love, Aunt Onalee