Monday, August 30, 2010

We DROVE to Osan today

Steve was off work today so we went to Osan Air Base...Steve was stationed here 14 years ago and back when I was in the Air Force, flying in the Medi-evac squadron out of Japan, I would come here once and twice a week...use to see Steve too...back when we were just friends.

We drove believe it or not. Osan is a pretty big Korean city an hour south of Seoul. It was a really nice drive.

We had some errands to get done for our SOFA stamps and Korean visa's.

Back 14 years ago there were only military people here...not now. The base is DANG NICE with families every where. Look at the foodcourt....Captain D's, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell, Baskin Robbins and a few others...oh and Chili's.

And check out this BX...I will want to go back for sure. The base is totally different than it was 14 years ago.

Now out the front gate...nothing has changed. They have the best shopping. The stores are the same...same stores in the same location...crazy and what fun Steve and I had today showing our kids.

The perfect stuff for sell for my family!!! Ben picked up a Drew Brees jersey today.

They liked all those mink blankets. Osan is a fighter jet base. There were cool F-16's flying all around us...we aren't allowed to take picture's of that stuff...but my kids sure enjoyed watching them practice.

And of course I scored a new Coach purse. Love that Korean shopping.

This past weekend of course we went out to support our local "Boys Of Fall". It was Seoul American High School vs. Daegue (sp?). Next week our team Seoul American will fly to Okinawa to face-off Kadena and then they will play here at Yongsan again...that's okay we will be glued to the TV this weekend...LET THOSE GAMES BEGIN!!!!


Everyday Gourmet said...

Way to jump right in and get involved Jeni! So proud of you and your adventurous spirit. Now I just need your new address. Glad you are so happy friend!

Amber M. said...

Dude. I'd be totally willing to go to Korea I knew there was a Coach bag involved.

Need your new address, Lady...have a package ready to send!

Our Complete Family said...

Agree with the gals above... gotta update the addy with us stateside peeps! I'm getting Cmas ready already!!!

Visas? So are you guys not command sponsored and just there for the year? I hope it's all going well with no kinks sweetie.

How fun to get knock-offs. I have to settle for the real Coach store at our Tanger... boy I'd love to shop Korean style Coach with you! :) What a perk!

The BX food court area with the shops in the back looks just like the one we just left at Scott. Nice!

Give B & M hugs and high fives... can't wait to see the next update from abroad!
xo L

Anonymous said...

Love the coach bag. Your mom will be at my house for a week. Starting this weekend. ON