Monday, August 16, 2010

Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum

The kids and I leave for Korea tomorrow. Steve took the same non-stop flight Atlanta to Seoul last week. He said they played two movies Ben and Madi have not yet seen so they are excited. I am ready to be there. Steve has our new apartment and the Army loaner furniture already in it. I am ready for a home cooked meal...we have been eating out for over a month. So since we are flying out tomorrow I thought I could share our pictures of our fun fun day we had at the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

Here is Madi in front of the Enola Gay. It's probably my favorite plane in the museum. It is the plane that dropped the bomb on Japan. When I was in the Air Force I was stationed in Japan and have been to ground zero at Nagasaki and Hiroshima...I enjoy our history in the Pacific so that is why this plane would be my favorite.

The SR-71...have you seen the movie Transformers 2. This is the museum and plane that were in the movie. For that reason this might be Ben and Madi's favorite plane.

The Concord...I think this is Aunt Onalee's favorite plane.

Look at Steve in front of the VERY FIRST military aircraft...this cracked me up.

The whole museum is awesome...a MUST see!!!

Here were are in front of the Space Shuttle...they had the coolest NASA section...I learned a few things.

Thank you to our one and only Aunt Onalee for such a memorable day!!! And for treating us to those yummy hot fudge sundays (minus the nuts...HA HA HA) afterwards!
Wish me luck for and two kids on a 14 hour flight. Thank goodness Steve's mom has been here to make these last few days really fun for the kids and easy on me! She is out with them now giving me a little bit of calm before tomorrow's storm....Thank you Teresa!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jeni. It was a fun day at the Air & Space Museum. Yes - the Concord is my favorite. Have a safe trip and email when you get to Korea. Looking forward to hearing from you.