Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boston Red Sox

Oh yes we did! We were lucky to get tickets to a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park! Steve was so so excited. He was going to town over the facts of the stadium...built in 1920, Babe Ruth played there and how he was traded to the Yankees and about the curse of the bambino. Going to a game at Fenway is so neat, nothing like a modern stadium like say Turner Field we know so well. Everything is old and works just like it did way back when. When we were stationed at Scott AFB Steve did get to a game up in Chicago at Wrigley Field which is old like Fenway. So now he is thrilled to have had the experience of ballgames at these old parks...we all liked it!

Ben and Madi and that big GREEN MONSTER at Fenway.

There was a wedding at the game that took place just a few rows ahead of huh.

Fenway is a beautiful American landmark.

Every where we went in Boston we saw this fried dough for sale. We never saw it in New York or anywhere else so I guess it's a Boston thing.

So, at the ballpark when we were in need of a treat we decided to try that fried dough...YUMMY!

B & M like this funny green monster mascot.

After the Red Sox game I had to put a halt to all our fun for some laundry. I had seen a laundry mat while we were in Salem the first time so we went back to it. Steve took the kids across the street to play at a park by the water while I waited on a bench out front...there was a wonderful breeze and the temps in the 70's. While sitting there I noticed this newspaper stand....look at that it.

After playing at the park you know the kids had to go to the bathroom so the guys in the VFW were kind enough to let us use their facilities...look at this sign...the witch city VFW.


Ross and Jill's Blog said...

OH, they do really cool tours of fenway during the day where you get to go back behind the green monster and stuff!

I am glad you went to a game. My dad is a huge baseball fan and grew up in Chicago, but going to a game at Fenway was a big check off his to do list! Definitely not like the new parks! Awesome

Rambling Girl said...

Well I see you having been showing your true colors while on the trip...Red/Black...Georgia! Nothing like showing your pride which is nice.

Love all the pics of your visits! I love the Salem trip I think the best cause I love witches also. We used to have a life size one in my home for the holidays each mom loves them also.

The temps have been aweful here so good you have enjoyed the cooler temps. Keep enjoying your trip and share more as you can.

Rambling Girl said...

I meant to ask is the Fried Dough like funnal cakes they have around here?

Everyday Gourmet said...

How cool that you got to take Steve to a game! Another thing to check off your list of things you have done. Did you see the Farm Chicks opened there shop in Spokane last week? I wish I was closer to check it out. I hope you have a great last few days of vacation before you head across the world.

Our Complete Family said...

Looks like fun! I had a feeling you guys would toss in some sports, too!