Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sausalito, California

Yesterday was my birthday. Steve is so nice. He came up with this plan to go spend my birthday weekend in the San Francisco Bay. I LOVE San Francisco!!! Our hotel was on the N. side of the Golden Gate Bridge in the town a few miles north on 101...Sausalito. This is where George Lucas (Star Wars) lives. MMM can't you tell why...look at this place. I think this may be the most beautiful town I have been to. We walked down the city streets and enjoyed eating along the way.

Sausalito over looks the San Francisco Bay and to the south it San Francisco. Here we are in Sausalito and you can see the city of San Francisco out there and the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz and Treasure Island.

Check out the view looking down the main street. See our van parked on the right side. The blue van under the green light. I think that's funny.

I thought Boston Harbor had a lot of sailboats...Sausalito might have more. I have a feeling Sausalito hasn't seen the last of this family.

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