Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Golden Gate Bridge

Steve and I had a great time. You know the is a such thing as family romance. We had a wonderful weekend being together as a family. While we were walking around the Golden Gate Bridge and talking Steve and I both agreed that the Golden Gate Bridge just might be our favorite American Landmark. This family photo was taken on Ft. Baker just north below the Golden Gate.

We drove to the Golden Gate coming down from the north on 101 so we had to park on the west side of the bridge. I have been to the Golden Gate more than a dozen times and I have never parked on the west side before. So to get to the walking lane going across the bridge we had to follow a little trail under the bridge. It's weird under there, loud and you can see straight down.

Steve and I enjoyed walking across the bridge with Ben and Madi rode their scooters. It was so fun.

After we walked across the bridge we drove up Marin Highlands to enjoy a different view of the Bridge and San Francisco. We saw The Karate Kid up there.

OMGosh....Steve totally embarrassed the kids...he brought his Georgia flag. It was SOOOOO funny. The kids wouldn't even get out of the van. Like they are any better. They were in the van yelling BBQ sandwiches at us. Steve reminds of a dog...he is marking his spot with his Georgia flag...I guess people do this all around the world. I remember in Iraq they did it.

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