Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Follow Your Nose To The Stinking Rose

WE WENT TO THE STINKING ROSE!!! I have been wanting to go there so bad. It's a garlic restaurant located in the North Beach (Little Italy) area of San Francisco.

90% of garlic is grown right here in California. Christopher Ranch is the largest producer of garlic too. I buy everything Christopher Ranch...all kinds of garlic and pesto. Christopher Ranch is located in the valley just a few hours south of me in Gilroy. I want to go to Gilroy in July for the Garlic Festival. So it's Christopher Ranch who supplies the 3,000 pounds of garlic used each month to The Stinking Rose. See the connection?

We wanted to make sure we found The Stinking Rose and Parking before our reservations...we found it easy and got easy parking too. So we walked around parts of China Town and Little Italy.

Mr. Garlic?

This was the most fun place to eat.

If you are in San Francisco I highly recommend The Stinking Rose. All you have to do is follow your nose to The Stinking Rose!

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