Saturday, April 21, 2012

Frankfurt, San Francisco, Seoul

When I put away our Easter decorations I enjoyed setting out some things in a new way on the furniture under the tv.  

Before moving here I knew I wanted to hang clocks with different times ticking from places we have lived.  Both kids were born in St. Louis.  We were stationed at Scott AFB for 2.5 years just long enough for me two pop out our two kiddos.  But when Madi was 6 weeks old we left for Germany.  Last summer we moved here to CA from Seoul, Korea.  I wanted to label the clocks with cities that the kids have lived near or in.  I am so thrilled over the way they turned out.   
Ben and Steve lucked out finding $10 tickets to the Sacramento Kings/OKC Thunder so they are out enjoying some NBA tonight.  Madi and I enjoyed staying home cleaning up the house and watching movies.

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