Monday, April 23, 2012

University Of California - Berkeley

This weekend we enjoyed being together and hanging out in summer weather over in Berkeley.  Berkeley is absolutely beautiful!!!  Look at the buildings.

 The campus has lots of trail winding through redwood trees.  I just loved it.
 We enjoyed some college baseball...Cal/Utah.
 There is my sweet Madi sitting on the grass.  It was so hot.  We all got quite a bit of sun.
 My little Georgia Bulldogs were dressed as California Bears for the day.
 Saturday was California's Spring Football game.  We don't know a lot of there players but Steve and the kids like #8.
 It was a good game...21-20.
Now this guy is who we have been wanting to see.  It's Avery.  Remember when we were renting out house in Georgia out and Avery's parents came to look at it.  Avery was born in Ohio but spent many years in Georgia.  He was recruited by LSU, Michigan, Tennessee, Stanford, Cal and a few others and he picked Cal.  Steve use to watch Avery play in High School when we lived in Georgia. Avery went to Union Grove and ELCA in Henry Co. So we have really been looking forward to meeting up with this Bear.  He is such a nice kid.  We were all giggling that they may look like Bears on the outside but they bleed red and black.

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