Monday, February 13, 2012

I Am Addicted To Purses!

This house we live in here in California has TWO walk-in closets in the master bedroom. It's a good thing because I have more purses than clothes. Before we ever got stationed in Korea I use to make my own purses...not anymore.
Not only do I have enough designer purses to go a month carrying a new purse each day, I have wallets...
...and designer sunglasses....
...and a drawer full of scarves. Korea was the bomb for fashion. These Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Gucci scarves were only $2-$5 each, so I bought one of each. :-)
Until I picked up my shiny red Louis Vuitton to use the other day I was using this plain grey and black Prada. Every few weeks I change my mind as to which one is my favorite.

A few weeks ago I was really down about my struggle with my weight. But since then I have been doing really well the last few weeks with making lots of healthier choices...I have lost almost 10 pounds. I am very excited but have a long hard road still. But when I get there I can't wait to go shopping for some super fun clothes to go with all the neat things I bought while living in Korea. When I get to a 25lb. weight loss one of my girlfriends still living in Korea is going to go purse shopping for me...I know I need another purse like I need a cookie. But ooooo I am already dreaming of what kind of purse I want later this year. My name is Jeni and I am a purseaholic!


Amber M. said...

I'm a proud member of THAT club!

The Library Lady said...

Do you like to read too? You should try the cozy mystery series by Dorothy Howell. The characters name is Haley Randolph and she too is addicted to purses. This character is so funny. She will go to great lengths for a purse. Try them, I hope you like them. I loved them and can't wait for a new one. I love your blog.

The Library Lady

Anonymous said...

If Richard was to read your blog, he would say you got your diease (addiction) from me. Everyone at the museum is waiting for me to have a garage sale. I told them NO WAY - that is going to happen!
Aunt O

cynthia said...

you say that like its a bad thing! lol