Monday, February 27, 2012

Court Of Dreams 2012

Ben and Madi are smack in the middle of their basketball season. They are on the same 4th-6th grade team. Earlier this month the YMCA and the NBA had an evening called Court Of Dreams. The kids got to go have a basketball practice with their team on an NBA court...the Sacramento Kings Arena. This is the same place a month before we saw the Lakers play. My kids thought they were IT!!! During practice Ben made 3 3 point shots...all in a minute on that huge NBA court...he WOWED everyone watching and people are still talking about him. Madi does so well hanging with all these middle school boys. She is a really good ball player! The older boys cheer her on and pass her the ball. Check out our girl in this photo...OFF THE GROUND. We are very grateful for such a wonderful experience...Court Of Dreams. It's so fun to see how awesome people make things for kids.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all! Aunt O

Anonymous said...

Madison looks like a pro! Aunt O