Sunday, February 12, 2012

Almost Ready For The Love Day

I saw this idea online. These are for Ben and Madi to open on Valentine's Day. One gift for each of them to open on the 14th minute of each hour...they are going to dig this!

Summer of 2010 we took a vacation touring the WHOLE east coast...Washington DC, Boston, New York City AND PHILADELPHIA. In Philadelphia there is really a park named Love Park. The is the famous artwork...LOVE, that is how it got it's name. I never knew until we went there that this was a "real" thing. So I cross-stitched this LOVE in honor of Valentine's Day and in remembrance of going to LOVE Park in Philly. The fabric on the bottom is a map of Paris...another fun LOVE place we loved touring in.

These are just some cute red trees
displayed on my kitchen counter.

I made some LOVE cards.

This is one of the gifts I am giving Steve. It's a baby quilt...I saw the idea online. I sewed the blue lines and red line then stitched the

This is a super fun card I made for Steve. My kids cracked up...they were in my craft room when I was making this. Steve is going to get a good chuckle.

Since it's almost Valentine's I am carrying my lovely shiny red Louis Vuitton. And for extra fun I am using my shiny aqua Louis Vuitton zipper and aqua...LOVE!

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