Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We LOVE Korea!

My heart just stopped last night when I heard the news coming out of North Korea. I believe the world is a better place with a man like that gone. We love the country and people of Korea. I want all my friends still living there to be safe.

Look at this picture of Madi...when we first moved to Korea she could NOT eat with chopsticks. Now she is a pro!

As a mom I am thrilled my children lived in Korea and experienced so many wonderful things. I know they will forever love Korea and it's people. And speaking of Madi here is a funny story:

We lived off post in Seoul. So many of the kids friends were Korean kids that lived near us. Koreans love love love baseball. All the kids would spend hours playing baseball outside. The Korean kids spoke enough English to speak it while playing with Ben and Madi because you would hear "strike one, strike two..." Most of the Korean kids my kids would play with were boys. Well one day after school everyone was playing at the park. All of a sudden I started hearing "jdjfiowjejeijowj Madi." "sdfowjeijwjfe Madi." So I started paying closer attention to what was going on because the Korean boys that were saying this were not even playing with Madi at the time. Then one of the boys ran over to Madi and was saying "love Madi" and pointing at one of the other Korean boys. Then a different Korean boy came over to Madi and asked her if she liked Korea and she shook her head yes. I guess the kid was making sure Madi liked his homeland before he started making long term/marriage plans. It cracked me up...it still does.

So I am keeping a prayer in my heart that whatever happens just might be better than before. Also I will be thinking of my military friends who are still there. Many of the spouses will be working lots of overtime with all this uncertainty on the peninsula and it's the week of Christmas. Let's just hope for peace.

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Amber M. said...

I thought about you on Sunday night when we heard...couldn't believe it. I hope this is a good thing instead of more of the same for Korea.