Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Crafts

I love sweetwater. They have a style that is me. Every year I order a few of their 12 Days of Christmas projects. I did order a couple this year and love them. The other day I made this sign with Harmon on it...I dig anything with and H or Harmon on it.

This weekend I made the most beautiful dishtowel. It has a Christmas theme so next on my list is one just like but one I can leave out throughout the year. The towel is so gorgeous I can only use for display.

I have the sweetest kids! They enjoy doing some of my craziest fun things with me. The other night we decorated some oranges with whole cloves and they loved it...both of the kids did. I use to make these as a kid.

My kitchen carried the smell of cloves this whole week. MMM!

I have never cared for the color purple very much. My daughter will choose the color purple for anything and everything. I am such a nice mom I agreed to let her pick the colors of paint she wanted in her bedroom and of course she chose 2 shades of purple. But when Steve's mom was here she got me started crocheting granny squares. On my own accord I fell for a perfect dark plum yarn and a cream to go with it. I am beginning to create quite a stack of squares.

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