Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sewing Hometown

Another set of placemats. Last Christmas I made beautiful christmas placemats. It was also last winter when the ladies over at sweetwater debuted their Hometown line. Well this Hometown was not available for sale until July...right in the middle of my big move from Korea to California. So as soon as I got to California I had a one track mind to get some of this fabric. That fabric with all the names of cities on it is my FAVORITE. All along I knew I wanted to make placemats. So here I am, I made it to California, I have my new house and all my household goods, Hometown fabric and my placemats are finished. Phew I had looked forward to all this for a long time.

No pattern was needed. I just thought up four different designs and went for it.

I can not get enough of this Hometown so I also chose it for my quilt along. Block two came out this past Tuesday and I woke up that morning so excited.

These are two baby quilts I made in Korea for the Stork's Nest. So somewhere in Korea there are two babies snuggling with these. I miss that quilting club over there.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful placemats Jeni.
Love, Aunt O

Amber M. said...

I LOVE Hometown, too. I have my second star block picked out, but haven't sewn it up yet. LOVE your block!

Susie said...

Jeni- these placemats are lovely! Did you topstitch the edges? THey turned out really cute!