Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My new "Jack".

The pattern was in the fall Create And Decorate. As soon as I saw Jack I new I had to make him.

Madi in her new spooky skirt. I got the fabric for 3,000 won in Korea, so about $2.75 a local quilt shop is selling this new Micheal Miller line for $10.50 a yard. I love when I score a good deal. I am glad I bought the 3 yards I did while I was in Korea.

Madi and her friends all stitching up some Halloween designs.

This week I have been diligently working on my Christmas cards. My goal is to be done by this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Very Cute! Madi is growing up and changing in her looks a little bit. Glad all the kids enjoy sewing. Looks fun. Aunt O