Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer in Korea

It's summer! It's hot! It humid! Korea has extremes!!! In winter it's very dry, I got sick. Steve, my weather forecasting husband, told me this is the driest place we have ever lived and ever will. It was so cold it couldn't even snow last winter. Now it's like a jungle. We are in monsoon season...we have light rain, hard rain, misty rain, sideways rain, stinging rain...just like Forrest had expained. We have 100% humidity...makes Atlanta, Georgia seem like a cool place. Anyway since it's summer we have been busy everyday. We go swimming, bowling, shopping, to the movies, over to friends homes.... The other day when it started raining and we had to come inside, I made this patriotic mug rug. I sure like pinwheels.

Because I have a friend who knows I LOVE getting mail, she surprised me with a new stitchery pattern...perfect! All those hours at the pool are perfect for my stitching addiction. I only stitched this. I am waiting to see for my new house if I should frame it, quilt it or stuff it.

Look at the sky the other day. Boy am I going to miss this view out of my living room window!!!

The new house we are moving into in California has TWO WALK-IN closets in the master bedroom...I will have plenty of room for all my new purses and wallets. AAAA look at my new Prada wallet and shiny-red-zipper Louis Vuitton.

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Betty said...

where did you buy your wallets? I need a new wallet, let me know next time you go. I love the colors of your new mug matt.