Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apples for our teachers

Ben and Madi gave their teachers these fun cards for an end-of-the-year gift. My friend Amber had made some of these last year and put the pattern on her blog. If you love to cross-stitch like me, go grab the pattern.

I tied them up with a pretty apple ribbon and vintage postcard.

I live in the most fun and beautiful home here in Korea. We are on the top floor with a beautiful view. Our house..see...the top floor on the left.

Now that school is out the kids play outside with their friends in the water alllll day. See I can watch them from inside.

The view walking up from the church to our buildings. See the kids playing on the left in the water.

I see we have a super fun summer ahead! There is another water park here at our house...wait till I take pics of that...yes we have a water park in our apartment complex.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, we just got word that we'll be moving to Seoul next month! We're excited and your blog makes me more so. We have some questions about off-post housing options, and it appears you've had some experience in that area in your short time there. If you don't mind a few questions, will you please send me an email (I don't see your address or a contact link on your blog) and I'll send a few questions your way. Thanks. B. Hall