Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seoul American Elementary School

Ahhh...Seoul American Elemetary's so big in size but yet it's such a warm and close place. I am so glad my kids got to experience this famous school in the heart of Seoul. This elementary school has over 1,300 kids enrolled. There are at least 9 classes in each grade level. There are 2 music teachers, 2 art teachers.... It's almost the largest Department Of Defense school...some Army base in Germany has 50 more kids than this one. I have never seen a school quite like this one. The old buildings that house Seoul American Elementary School are the buildings that use to be the old 121 Army hospital (The 121 if you ever watched the TV show M*A*S*H) back during the Korean War...OLD...but yet so full of life.

The school is all these little buildings...almost like college campus life.

The building on the left is where Madi's 3rd grade class was and the building on the right is where Ben's 5th grade class was.

Madi's classroom were those first 3 windows.

From this part of the school you can see the Dragon Hill and Seoul Tower.

Me and mine yesterday morning at the bus stop before school. Yesterday was Ben's 5th grade graduation.

My handsome boys!

Today after school the kids and I stayed to play at the park and then walked to the foodcourt and PX. At this point we are near the Dragon Hill getting ready towalk over the bridge. This bridge was not here back in 1995-1996 when I came here for a few days. This bridge connects Main Post and South Post. Back in the day you would have to walk out South Post, walk across Itaewon Blvd. an enter Main Post. This bridge make life much better.

What a WONDERFUL year it has been. We will miss this place!!!


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful reading about Korea. I enjoy every minute of it. Very nice pictures too. Thanks for the update. Aunt O

Marcel West-Bailey said...

Wow I used to go to S.A.E.S. back in 2001 and this is like walking down memory lane.