Friday, January 7, 2011

New winter decorations

After Christmas I like to decorate my house with snowmen or other fun winter things. I do have some really pretty winter things you can see here. But we didn't have room to bring them all to Korea. So instead of whining too much I made a few things. It was fun and they turned out so pretty...much better than no winter decorations.

Look at my handstitched snowflake with a touch of Louis Vuitton. They sell Louis Vuitton ribbon at the Dongdaemun Market for 300 won (less than 30 cents) a I got 10 yards to play with. So don't you like my Louis Vuitton snowflake...OOOO LA LA.


Amber M. said...

Jeni. I'm seriously going to send you some money and a shopping list before you guys head back to the states. Seriously.

Blueberry Heart said...

Now THATS what call a ribbon!! How glam can you get!!! Fabulous decorations Jeni,

Happy new Year to you all too!
BH x

Our Complete Family said...

I 2nd the 'ooh la la' Jeni! So cute and fun for winter!

Betty said...

Jeny, you should decorate my house! I don't have talent for that. Love your winter decorations

Rambling Girl said...

Wow Jeni you can make anything look pretty. You just have that gifted touch! Love all your winter things!

Love the purse...spring will be here before we know it.