Thursday, January 27, 2011

Building 63

The 5th graders from Seoul Elementary got to go on a really cool field trip to Building 63...I got to go too. Do you see the really tall gold building across the Han River? That is building 63...only a 10 min. drive from our house.

Building 63 is one of the tallest buildings in East Asia and boy was is neat riding the glass elevator to the top. Check out Seoul,'s huge! Buildings as far as the eye can see.

Ben took his DSi and to lots of fun picturs of the views and his friends.

Inside Building 63 is some classy upscale shopping and eating. The building also hosts an aquarium. We walk on the glass walkway over some sharks. Funny thing is there were sound effects...about every min. you would hear glass shattering and get nervous.

The kids watch a show with the fish and a diver.

Dr. Fish. Have you heard of them. They are those little fish that eat your dead skin. Ben hung out with the Dr. Fish for 20 min. or more, he loved that gross stuff. My friend Betty has gone to a spa near our house that she says is really nice and has played with Dr. Fish with her feet.

There is also an IMAX theater in Building 63. The kids and adults were all given those little boxes and headphones so we could hear the English version while watching.

There she is...building 63. So far this year this has been our favorite field trip. Not sure whats next, but I know the DMZ...North Korean border is on the 5th grade agenda...I can't wait for that field trip.


the dahle family said...

There's nothing like the amazing opportunities that DODDS schools provide! Most stateside schools are lucky if each class gets one field trip a year.

Betty said...

I saw that building in our way to the Hello Kitty cafe and I though it was offices but now I know. It is beautiful and great pictures.

Rambling Girl said...

Neat place....liked to try the "fish" in a spa in the states. Gkad you have been enjoying your visit to Seoul.