Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My first dresden plate

The other day Madi was home sick. When I am forced to stay home all day I always get so many things accomplished. That day I made my first dresden plate...I can't believe I did it. I thought it was something too hard for me. Now I would like to try another one, it was fun.

Yesterday my kids had a snowday...no school. They wanted to play outside but I needed to make dinner. So even though I am nice and warm in my own kitchen cooking, I can still watch my kids playing outside. The security cameras and built in TV in my kitchen sure come in handy...only in Korea...I love this place.

For the kids after school snack today I made


Jamie said...

Your Dresden Plate is beautiful. I've been thinking about trying one out. They are stunning to look at, and can be contemporary but vintage at the same time.

Betty said...

As I said it before i Love it!
Lucky you to have a monitor in oyur kitchen. If Delany goes out I need to go out. I am not outside where we live is pretty save but you know me. By the way, I want some cookies mmm!