Saturday, January 9, 2010

What color?!?

We could not believe that this year's (our 3rd year at the same place) uniforms for basketball were blue and orange. Have you seen the movie The Blind Side? Remember when Sandra Bullock says that awful (Tennessee/Florida) orange was not in her color wheel. My kids like Ohio State and Georgia...they don't typically wear orange for a reason. I had to go buy ribbon that had orange in it for her's not in her color wheel.

They are nice uniforms though.

There is Ben #34. His game was so close and a fun one to watch and he won.

The Lady Mustangs.

Someone messed up. Madi's team played against a group of girls that had 4 players taller than the tallest on her team. Look at Madi guarding someone my height and looks to be 120 lbs...the Lady Mustangs tried so hard but just didn't have a chance to get the ball much. It was still fun and we have been giggling about it all night. There is nothing more fun than watching your kids play.


Veronnica Watson said...

I love orange! Especially when paired with turquoise!

I used to play basketball in junior high and high school, loved it! I love watching littles playing sports too, so fun!

Anonymous said...

Go Madi - Go Madi!
Congrats to Ben and Madi both.
P.S. I don't like those colors or teams myself.

Anonymous said...

Just read the above comment.
I too like orange(peach) and turquoise together. They were my wedding colors for my bridemaids and I was in white. It was beautiful!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

They look so cute in their orange uniforms....and I love the matching bows....gotta have matching bows:)

Have a wonderful week!