Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My "under the sink"

It all started when I found this wonderful scented dish soap at William Sonoma...spiced chestnut. I was talking to my friend Susy who is the everyday gourmet...and the queen of William Sonoma all about this new favorite product of mine. So in return she sent me the link and a coupon to get some more yummy scented dish soap. I stocked up and love having a basket full under my sink...and countertop spray too.

My other new fad is pretty dishtowels and washcloths I crocheted myself.

One of my friends moved and so for a little gift for her I sent my new favorites...gourmet dish soap with crocheted washcloths for her new kitchen.

Today I had the BEST day! My legs hurt so bad...I LOVE self-inflicted pain from exercising!!!. One night last week I was at the gym (LA Fitness) and they had a local radio station playing overhead. I take my own music but as soon as I got there they were announcing the number 1 downloaded song in Atlanta...the Avett Brothers...I had never heard of this number 1...they played the song and I had been craving to hear again ever since but couldn't remember the name of it. So today I was outside in our beautiful 65 degrees running over at the Salem lake and in my ears the radio played this song...I am a sucker for songs that have an anthem tune. But when it was over it was a commercial so I switched stations and then the Judds 'Love Can Build A Bridge" came on...I busted into tears in the middle of my run because I was thinking about what is going on in Haiti and the people who are down there trying to help. It's so sad.


Kansas Amy said...

It looks like some good soap. I'll have to try some out!

Everyday Gourmet said...

I love the variety of soap that you got! Thanks for nominating me "Queen of Williams-Sonoma". I got some more of there soaps at 70% off. I was thinking of you : )

Our Complete Family said...

Love, love, love my housewarming gift chicadee! Now I can't complain when I have to wash dishes by hand b/c of the fantabulous smelling dishsoap and the wonderful cloths you sent my way! Love you my sweet friend! xo