Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's...Atlanta style

Back in June while Steve was in Iraq he emailed me and said he got a really nice place for us to spend 3 days over the New Years holiday... WHOTEL-Buckhead. I thought I had been to some nice places but this place ROCKED!!! It's ranked Atlanta's 7th nicest hotel. I had just painted my living room and dinning room gray and am in love with red and aqua...and would you look at the color scheme of this classy hotel.

There are Steve, Ben and Madi relaxing on those signature wish beds. I LOVED the BLISS products they had to use. After getting the hotel reservation on and getting $50 of bliss products it was a cheap romantic family New Years getaway.

Out of one of our windows we saw Lenox Square Mall. Out of another this beautiful sight.

Downstairs in the living room/lobby the kids got to play with the games. We were getting ready to leave the hotel to go eat and this man wanted to play a quick game with Ben. When Ben was done we left but Ben had accidentally left his brand new DSi there. A few hours later when we realized it was missing we drove back to the hotel to see if anyone had found it. They did....we are still cracking like FBI or Secret Service), two guys with long black coats and earpieces on brought it to us. We had never been to a hotel with valet only parking, living room dress codes and FBI looking security. We liked the 5 star hotel but not the 5 star's too much.

It was a wonderful New Year's to remember!
It's January 1st and I have picked my word for 2010 - IMPORTANT. Steve is always on me to think about and do what's IMPORTANT. When I have been busy and not gotten house work done or gone to the gym that day when he gets home at night he always says housework is not important...he can tuck the kids in bed it's IMPORTANT for me to go to the gym. I am grateful to have Steve and that he knows what's IMPORTANT and gets on me to get me thinking. So in 2010 I want to learn, know and do what's IMPORTANT for me.


Amber M. said...

FABULOUS hotel digs there!! Looks like such a fun way to ring in the new year.

I love your word...still pondering mine. Maybe "no"? Hmm....:-)

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you got to watch the Ohio State Buckeye's win the 2010 Rose Bowl. Yea Buckeye's!
Aunt Onalee

lailani said...

I was just thinking today, time for a word of the year.

Love your way to celebrate the New Year - that hotel looks amazing (security does sound a little intimidating though).

cynthia said...

how fun! i know that hotel and those views are awesome!

i love your word for 2010, i'm still trying to decide on mine

i believe that mom's can get lost in the shuffle sometimes and that we ARE IMPORTANT, i think we just seem to forget!

happy new year!
hope to see you soon

Shannon said...

Looks like a wonderful time and sounds like such a fun hotel!