Friday, January 29, 2010

14 Days of Valentines

The 14 Days of Valentines idea came from my friend amber. I LOVE it and am doing it too. It will be one small gift everyday for Steve. I can't wait to get February started.
1. reese's cup.....There are a million 'reese's why I love you.
2. socks.....You knock my 'socks' off.
3. almond joy.....Thank you for 'almond joy' you have given me.
4. can of beans.....'cool beans' you're mine....inside joke
5. hot're 'hot'
6. smoothie're 'smooth'...Ben's idea
7. 'melt' my heart...Ben's idea and for Feb. 7th Superbowl Sunday to make rotel dip.
8. pop rocks 'rock' my world
9. lucky charms.....I am 'lucky' to have you
10. jr. mints.....we were 'mint' to be together
11. nuts.....I'm 'nuts' about you
12.'re my sweetheart
13. olive oil.....'olive' love you forever
And for the 14th...still working on that one.
Steve is working late tonight so I was just working on the tags for these. Two of Madi's little girlfriends are over here...their favorite is the lucky charms because there is a kiss on the tag...they said I should do that on all of them.


Brittany said...

LOVE this idea!

Amber M. said...

Jeni...those are DARLING!! I love that the kids were able to get in on the action. Can't wait to hear how much Steve likes it!!

Shannon said...

What a cute idea! Cody doesn't like it when I buy him gifts but he loves candy so I'm sure I could do something like this! :)

Rambling Girl said...

Cool idea!

Oh Jeni, I am sorry your chicken was not good...mine was good when I fixed it...I was going post about it but forgot to take I feel so bad!

Well I hope you at least give another recipe of mine a chance...this one I make all the time and we all eat it up. We never have leftovers.

The Quilt Buddy said...

What a cute idea!

Our Complete Family said...

Kuddos to you and the kiddos for the awesome 14 days of Valentines ideas you came up with... Steve will flip out when he sees them each day! How fun! xo