Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some very special Sweethearts

Last week while shopping at the Commissary on Ft. Gillem, I picked up these patriotic Sweetheart candies. I made tags with a very memorable quote from President Bush on that day I remember. Today while at my kids school doing Madi's insulin shot, I snuck these treats of remembrance in the teachers mailboxes. After school Madi's teacher called and asked where I had gotten these cute treats...she wanted to go buy some for all the kids in the class for tomorrow. Knowing that she could not get on Ft. Gillem, the kids and I packed up in a hurry and went straight there. Now we have enough of these yummy red, white and blue treats for all the kids in both of their classes. I think it's very important to teach my kids in the simplest way of what happened 8 years ago and to always remember.


Rambling Girl said...

How great to remember this day in this special way. I love all the neat things you share with your kids teachers. What a nice gesture for you to go back and get those for your tachers classes, but that is just like you! So sweet and caring of others! Hugs to you!

Sending you an email with my info...I forgot to send it.

Brittany said...

How very sweet of you! Today is a very important day and one that I will never forget. It is strange now being a parent with a child who will not remember that day. Something he will only learn about in History class. I guess it's like my parents feel about the day Kennedy was killed. It is wonderful that people like your hubby (and you and your kids too)selflessly sacrifice so much for our country. Thank you!

Shannon said...

What a great idea! You are always sooo sweet to do little things like this.