Monday, September 7, 2009

Brains and quilts

This weekend Ben had to make a brain for a school project. It is so gross and real looking. All we have left to do is stick the the little toothpick flags we made in it that will identify each part of the brain.
We are all enjoying our day off today. It's cool, we have the french doors in the dinning room open. Ben is sitting out here giggling while playing with a fuzzy caterpillar. Madi is still in her Camp Rock nightgown, playing with her Polly Pocket and watching Camp Rock. I am enjoying myself by working on this quilt this morning. We so needed this easy Monday.


Anonymous said...


I can see you smiling now at your brain creation. ICK! It looks real to me.

Shannon said...

That does look like a brain! :) I'm am enjoying this lazy Monday too.

Everyday Gourmet said...

We had a nice day off too. I went with friends and bought material to make our purses for Wednesday!!! I will let you know how they turn out : )

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Hi Jeni! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment. I do hope you get up to the museum soon.

Such cute kids! That brain is disgusting, LOL!

Please tell your brave man that we are thankful for his service. My baby bro is in Afghanstan. We hope to have him home for xmas.

Oh, and the YaYa is on my list to read/watch.. so thanks for that reminder as well!

Amber M. said...

It's really hard to type and dry heave at the same time...way to go, Ben!

Rambling Girl said...

Oh me it does look like a brain! Good job!

Polly Pocket...Lexi has just seen these on tv and says she wants them but anything on tv now she has started saying that...guess it's the

Love the quilt...yours looks real easy to do...I bought stuff to do the one with In His Grace but hers seems a little to hard to me. Do you just cute out squares and then sew the muslin to it and attach fusible web and batting...or have I got this all wrong. Geeze I just started on my ragamuffin garland last night for the first time and you know those were out and around last am so slow.

Would love to meet you this Sat. I will send you my contact number and all by email at work in the morn and maybe we can chat over the phone and meet up Sat. I know Lexi would love to and Gage has just moved back with us so he would love to meet Ben. He is 11 and Lexi will be 5 in Nov.

We will be having a big birthday party in Nov and cookout that weekend so maybe you could plan to come if possible. We can talk later about that.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Gld u had a good relaxing Labor day! Sounds like fun. cherry