Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dawg skirt and more

Yesterday morning I walked the kids into their school. One of the teachers stopped me and was raving over the Georgia outfit Madi had worn to school last Friday. She asked if I could make something for her little girl. They are big UGA fans too and her husband was a football player there back in his college days. So last night after dinner and homework Madi helped me piece this skirt together. Mrs. Parker was so happy when Madi and I hand delivered the skirt this morning. Now Madi wants one...she said she would like to wear one when we pick our dad up at the airport in a few months.

Last month I made a handful of Halloween skirts. One for Madi and two for two of my little nieces...the two big ones will have to let me come up with something special I can make them later. Usually I am not a big reader. It takes me a long time to finish a book. Well yesterday while sitting in the car rider line waiting to get Ben and Madi I finished a book. So finally last night I snuggled in bed at 9 to start on These Is My Words...The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 Arizona Territories. Heather from {Unwrapped} listed this as her favorite book. I was hooked on page two and couldn't put it down last night.


Amber M. said...

CUTE skirts, Jeni! Aren't you so glad it's Fall??

These Is My Words is a GREAT book...let me know what you think when you're through.

Thena said...

So adorable. Looks so simple to make even for somebody like me that doesn't have a clue about sewing.

Kristi said...

The skirts are adorable! These is my words is an awesome book- did you know there are 2 more in the series?

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Adorable as always!!

So when are you going to start a little business....seriously?


Anonymous said...

Adorable skirts Jeni. I think that would be an great outfit for Madi to greet Steve in. What a good idea. When ever I come for a visit you are going to have to teach me how to sew again. I have a machine that sits in a box. You are making me want to sew. Onalee

Our Complete Family said...

Oh how precious! Love your fall creations! Glad you're having fun reading a good book! Isn't it the best feeling when you get a book that you just love reading? xo