Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Friday

Yesterday my friend Michelle came over for a fun craft day...and the kids got to play. This beautiful fabric candy corn was what we were making. But then Michelle also made me a white pumpkin after I oohed and awwed over hers. The candy corn smells like fall and would you look at that button stem on that pumpkin...I had so much fun...can't wait until next week for another craft day.
Last night the kids and I had planned a date to go see the new movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. So for dinner...what else but meatballs before heading out to the theater. The kids really enjoyed their movie but the funniest part was looking over at Madi smiling with no front teeth and those huge 3D glasses on.

Ben and Madi have been on Fall Break all this week. One day we went to some craft stores and all left with some sort of craft goody. Here is Ben with his sand art.
Madi picked out a paint your own Hello Kitty piggy bank.

Since I had been working on Halloween cards the kids and their friends wanted to make some too.


Amber M. said...

Those candy corns are so cute! Do a tutorial for us! Please?

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

How did the meatballs turn out? We were going to see the movie today, but it ended up being so beautiful outside, that we couldn't see sitting in the theater!! Maybe next weekend!


Shannon said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! That candy corn and pumpkin are so cute! Love the button stem. :)

Rambling Girl said...

Love the pumpkin and candy share how to make the candy corn for this woman who is not crafty at all....hey I did do a "October 31" and put it in a picture frame...woohoo I actually did something cool like this...hehehe

Oh I bet the kids had a blast making cards and much as you do!

Yummy the meatballs look yummy...I have wanted to make some but don't have a good did you make yours?

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

such a fun mom you are!! Sounds like you had a great fall break!

Brittany said...

How cute! Love both the candy corn as well as that adorable pumpkin!

Carrie said...

How great love a good craft day! I want the Hello Kitty bank how great is that tell Madi she did a great job!