Friday, September 4, 2009

1/2 & 1/2

A house divided? No we love them both...Ohio State and Georgia...really. Tomorrow is D Day for college football. Although we tuned in to a little last night. Today Madi went to school sporting her Georgia spirit and Ben showed some of his new found love for The Ohio State University. I know Steve is ready to come home and relax in his g-crib. For the last few weeks every time we get in the car the kids ask me to turn on the Ohio State music. I love that they love the sport and the you know it's in our blood and has been for generations!
Here are some fun yummies for gameday ohio-state-buckeyes.
Here is something neat my cousin Natalie emailed me the other day
Atlanta is host to ESPN's College Gameday tomorrow. I want to take the kids down to Centennial Park but there is a marathon, Braves vs. Reds, Nascar race, Virginia Tech vs. Alabama and all the Gameday stuff so that means thousands and thousands of extra people all trying to find their way in downtown. I sure wish Steve was here he is good at getting around in those types of masses.
Have a super fun football weekend. We are so excited to get the party started!


Rambling Girl said...

Nice tribute to the servicemen on YouTube. I think its great that our college teams show the respect for our men and women as with the people in the stands. I know how much Steve would rather be home and watching football with his family but he will be there in spirit with you all.

Have a great football weekend and I am ready for some UGA Dawgs football and the windows open to feel the fresh crisp air blowing in through the windows.

Oh the buckeyes look yummy as they did when you posted them. I just might have to make some this weekend...they look so easy to do.

Love the outfits on both Ben and Madi!

Oh my I would be lost in downtown Atl if that much is going on. Anyway have a great holiday weekend!

Amber M. said...

Nice tribute, Jeni!

We have our Big Red "N" flag all ready for flying tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Both kids look adorable in their outfits!!!!!!