Monday, June 18, 2012

Santa Cruz, California...THE BEACH!

 Santa Cruz has the best beach ever!!!  The's like having Six Flags right on the beach.
 Madi LOVES her ICEE'S!  There were some soccer games going on on the beach.
 The kids played for hours.
 Ben and Madi enjoy burying their limbs.

 We had to park like a mile away there were so many people.  It was a nice walk up Beach Street and then the famous West Cliff Drive.
 While walking up West Cliff I took this picture of the entire boardwalk and beach and pier...look at the palm trees lining Beach Street and those mountains back there.  This place is just unbelievable!

 This is a picture I took of West Cliff Drive while walking on Beach Street.  Look at those homes...BEAUTIFUL.
While walking to the car we had to walk right on the cliffs.  At this very moment Steve is looking for places to stay so we can go back.  

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Anonymous said...

detersC 24Looks really beautiful! Richard and I will have to travel there sometime. Aunt O