Monday, June 11, 2012

Point Reyes National Seashore California

 Point Reyes has to be one the most beautiful places in the world.  We lucked out there was no fog...there couldn't be, the wind was blowing at 37+ mph...almost hurricane strength.  The photo on top was taken at South Beach on Point Reyes.  It was breathtaking!
 No playing in the ocean today!!!  They said there was heavy surf...they weren't kidding.  Those waves were HUGE!
 See Ben climbing down?
 Madi was FREEZING when we were walking up on the cliffs.

 We walked the million steps down to the Point Reyes lighthouse.  This is going down as one of our most memorable day trips.  Just look at this.  This is only a few hours from our house.  This is why we wanted so badly to move to's BEAUTIFUL
 The main visitor center at Point Reyes.
 The San Andreas Fault runs right though Point Reyes.  We took a little hike along the fault line.
 See this fence?  This is a landmark along the fault line.  During the big San Francisco earthquake this fence jumped this far from the earthquake.  Crazy!
This is a picture I took out the front window of the van on the drive home.  California is the most beautiful state in the United States Of America!

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