Saturday, June 30, 2012

Needle book

 I needed a place to keep my needles and I made a sweet book to keep them in.  Everywhere I go I take my crochet, cross-stitch, hexagons, stitchery...  And I am constantly loosing my supplies, and everyone else is always finding my needles in the least likely places you would think to look.  Not anymore.
 I used thick wool felt for the page inside to hold the needles and elastic in the back to slide the scissors into place.
 The back has a little patchwork.
I am tickled over the little white button on the front that's used to close the book.  Awww and what a sweet hexagon flower on the front.  I just love this little thing.  It's already gotten some use the last couple of days.

1 comment:

Amber M. said...

SO CUTE! Tony always finds my needles with his foot or his butt. :-)