Friday, June 22, 2012

Carmel, Pebble Beach, 17 Mile Drive and Monterey

 We drove down Highway 1...THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE!  You bet we did 17-Mile Drive!!!
 There are 19 pull-offs on 17-Mile Drive.  This is stop #2...we were up in the mountains looking out at the Pacific.
 It was Father's Day and Steve enjoyed his special day at Pebble Beach.  He could not get over the golf course and homes with the view.

 Madi took a ton of pictures with her new IPOD.

 The golf course is on the other side of the street from this....AMAZING!
 The Lone Cypress is stop 17 I think on 17-Mile Drive.
 Carmel-By-The-Sea has to be the most beautiful town in all of America.  It was so breathtaking and fun this is the only picture of the city I took.  
 Took the kids to the Carmel Mission.  We are trying to see how many of the California Missions we can see while living in the state.
 This is Monterey Bay

 Monterey Bay.
 Vista Point along Highway 1.  We were going to drive down to Big Sur but the fog rolled in so we headed back up to Carmel.
I lived in California for 1 year when I was younger.  My dad worked at Ft. Ord which sadly closed.  This is the house I lived in Salinas long ago.  We also drove by my school where I attended the 5th grade.  All these places we just took our kids to my parents had taken me to the same places when I was Madi's cool is that.  I just LOVE California!

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Rosemary said...

Thank you for these wonderful pictures. We did this exact same trip 24 years ago with my 2 boys, who were 2 and 5. We had a camper van known as the 'bus'. I always said I wanted to retire to Carmel. Unlikely as I live near London! I stated reading your blog when you lived in Korea. My eldest lives in Seoul and works for the British Council. I hope to visit one day. Glad you had such a lovely time and thank you again for the wonderful memories.