Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Today we enjoyed walking all over lower Manhattan. What a wonderful time we had viewing the Statue of Liberty...felt like we were living a dream with our kids.

At the entrance of Battery Park.

Waiting in line to get on our boat.

We rode on Miss Liberty.

Ellis Island was our stop after Liberty Island.

Look at the view of the southern tip of Manhattan as you head out into the harbor towards Lady Liberty.

Today we also enjoyed a few stops on the upper east side of Manhattan. See the kids and I in front of The Plaza....look at the Eloise flag right next to the American flag. Man we have been on the go in this city for two legs! We have one more full day and then we head north east for a few days. When I get back home to Atlanta I will post ALL of our stops from Washington DC, New York, Boston and our ride home. I can say NYC is the BEST!!!


cynthia said... guys are traveling the world BEFORE you TRAVEL the world!

looks like so much fun!

Rambling Girl said...

Glad you all are enjoying your visit...It is to hot to be in Georgia right now!

Everyday Gourmet said...

Did you make it to Serendipity or any of the other food spots you had mentioned? I can't get over how tall your kids have gotten in the last 8 months! I can't wait to hear more about NYC!!!

Belinda said...

looks like you are having fun! I have never been to New York but always wanted to go!

Our Complete Family said...

What a neat treat for the kids to do to top off the summer! When they start school and the teacher asks them to 'write about what you did this summer'... theirs will each be essay answers!!!